What is overstabilization?

The build-up of cyanuric acid in swimming pool water, which usually results from the extended use of stabilized sanitizers in conjunction with stabilized shock products.

Over-stabilization will significantly decrease the effectiveness of chlorine in killing germs, bacteria and algae. Small levels of cyanuric acid do serve a purpose in protecting chlorine from sunlight degradation. However, too much can cause problems. The recommended levels of stabilizer (cyanuric acid) are between 20-25 ppm.

POOL Breeze® calcium hypochlorite sanitizers and shock products offer the complete solution to overstabilization. Calcium hypochlorite based products (read the active ingredient on the label) are cyanuric acid free and will not cause overstabilization. Several state health departments have eliminated or banned the use of cyanuric acid based product in public swimming pools. Ensure you practice responsible pool care and have a reliable and balanced pool care program.