Solutions to Common Problems

Welcome to the POOL Breeze® Solution Center – a helpful, comprehensive resource for pool care troubleshooting. Choose the problem you are trying to address from the drop down below and we’ll help you return your pool to its ideal condition. If you need specialized attention, please consult your local professional POOL Breeze® Dealer.

Problem: Algae


The addition of sanitizer, shock and algaecide on a regular basis will be more effective at preventing algae growth than treating algae once it is visible in a pool. However, if algae does appear, follow the steps below for treatment:

  1. Adjust the pH to 7.2 - 7.4.
  2. Brush the pool walls and floor completely.
  3. Shock the pool with POOL Breeze® TopShock or POOL Breeze® Power 73 shock.
  4. After 24 hours, add POOL Breeze® Defender or POOL Breeze® Algaecide according to label directions. Your authorized POOL Breeze® Dealer can recommend which product is best for your pool.
  5. Run the filter 24-48 hours, brushing and vacuuming frequently.
  6. If algae remains a problem, contact your authorized POOL Breeze® Dealer for further directions.

NOTE – If you continue to experience algae, despite a high chlorine reading, the pool water may contain too much stabilizer (cyanuric acid) which interferes with the efficiency of the chlorine. For more information, visit