Solutions to Common Problems

Welcome to the POOL Breeze® Solution Center – a helpful, comprehensive resource for pool care troubleshooting. Choose the problem you are trying to address from the drop down below and we’ll help you return your pool to its ideal condition. If you need specialized attention, please consult your local professional POOL Breeze® Dealer.

Problem: Cloudy Water


There are many causes of cloudy water, the most common being incorrect pH, incorrect total alkalinity (TA) and improper filtration. Always check and adjust the pH and TA levels before adjusting your filtration system. Thereafter follow these steps to investigate your filtration system:
  1. Make sure that the filtration system is running smoothly and that it is running at least 8-12 continuous hours daily.
  2. Does the filter need to be cleaned or backwashed?
  3. If the filter pressure does not return to normal starting pressure after backwashing, the filter needs to be chemically cleaned.
  4. Have the pump strainer baskets and the skimmer baskets been emptied?
  5. Also test your water to make sure that the pH and total alkalinity are within the ideal range.
  6. Shock the pool with POOL Breeze® TopShock or POOL Breeze® Power 73 Shock. Remember to wait until the chlorine level drops to between 1-4 ppm before re-entering the pool.

NOTE – POOL Breeze® MegaBlu™ Clarifier, POOL Breeze® Floc Clear and POOL Breeze® Enzyme Clarifier can also be used to clear cloudy water. Your authorized POOL Breeze® Dealer can recommend which products are best for use in your pool.