Solutions to Common Problems

Welcome to the POOL Breeze® Solution Center – a helpful, comprehensive resource for pool care troubleshooting. Choose the problem you are trying to address from the drop down below and we’ll help you return your pool to its ideal condition. If you need specialized attention, please consult your local professional POOL Breeze® Dealer.

Problem: Eye and Skin Irritation


Often high levels of chlorine are blamed for eye and skin irritation or a strong chlorine odor. In fact the reason could be too little free available chlorine and an incorrect pH. Follow the recommendations below:
  • Check pH and alkalinity levels and adjust as necessary.
  • Shock the pool with POOL Breeze® TopShock or POOL Breeze® Power 73 Shock. Once you have done this, remember to recheck the pH and total alkalinity levels and readjust if necessary. Remember to always keep the chlorine levels between 1-4 ppm.

Contact your authorized POOL Breeze® Dealer for further directions.