Solutions to Common Problems

Welcome to the POOL Breeze® Solution Center – a helpful, comprehensive resource for pool care troubleshooting. Choose the problem you are trying to address from the drop down below and we’ll help you return your pool to its ideal condition. If you need specialized attention, please consult your local professional POOL Breeze® Dealer.

Problem: Scale Deposits


Scale deposits (usually in the form of white, gray or brownish chalky deposits on pool walls and fixtures) are the precipitate that forms as a result of unbalanced water. This could be a high pH, high total alkalinity, high calcium hardness and/or a combination thereof.

Take a sample of your pool water to your authorized POOL Breeze® Dealer for a full analysis. Balance your water according to your dealer's recommendations. To avoid further scaling take a sample of the pool water to your POOL Breeze® Dealer each month for a detailed analysis.