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Young family playing together in a clean swimming pool

Pool Care Tips

From hassle-free water care to energy-efficient recommendations, POOL Breeze® has you covered with expert tips and how-to’s. You can learn more by downloading our POOL Breeze(R) Pool Care Guide.

General Tips

How to get the most our of your pool.

Owning a pool can make every day seem like a holiday. But as you know, clear, sparkling and clean water does not just happen. In order to get the best out of your pool, you need to give it the proper care and attention. POOL Breeze® is here to help! Here are our top tips for hassle-free pool care.

  • Run the filter pump at least 8-12 continuous hours a day. Many water problems can be prevented if you do not skimp on the filter operation.
  • Backwash the filter regularly according to manufacturer’s instructions or guidelines. Clean out the skimmer and pump strainer basket as needed. Chemically clean your filter at least twice a season with POOL Breeze® Filter Pro.
  • Be a good housekeeper. Perform the routine tasks faithfully, keeping all equipment and the area around the pool clean. Skim the surface daily, brushing the pool walls and bottom regularly. Vacuum as needed.
  • Water Testing: Test the pH, total alkalinity and sanitizer levels of the pool water weekly. If necessary, adjust levels with pH Increaser, pH Decreaser, Alkalinity Increaser and POOL Breeze® sanitizers.

Sustainability Tips

How to create an energy-efficient backyard oasis

One perk of owning a pool is the chance to relax outdoors and get closer to nature. But maintaining that private oasis can have an impact on the environment. A report from the Natural Resources Defense Council found that pool owners could reduce carbon emissions by 3 million tons if every residential pool consumed just one-third less energy. And while you’re helping save the planet, you can save on utility bills, too.

Here are several tips for creating and maintaining a more energy-efficient and cost-effective pool:

  • Switch to a Variable-Speed Pool Pump
    If you make just one upgrade start with your pump. Single-speed pumps can drain energy if they are too powerful for the needs of your pool. Variable-speed pumps can be dialed down to run longer, slower and more efficiently.
  • Purchase an Energy-Efficient Heater or Heat Pump
    New gas- or solar-powered heaters have higher efficiency ratings and lower operating costs than older models. Heat pumps actually draw warmth from the air, recycling natural summer heat back into your pool.
  • Cover Your Pool When It’s Not in Use
    Leaving your pool uncovered causes water to be lost through evaporation, which takes most of your pool’s heat with it. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates a pool cover alone can save 50 to 70 percent in heating costs.
  • Choose Cartridge Filters Over Sand Filters
    Manually cleaning cartridge filters typically uses less water than backwashing sand filters.
  • Add an Automated Control System
    Automated systems operate everything from pumps and heaters to pool sweeps and lighting. Besides offering convenience, they reduce waste and can be programmed to run during off-peak hours when utility rates are cheapest. Options range from simple time clocks to internet-based systems you can monitor and control away from home.
  • Replace Your Pool Lights with LEDs
    LED lights consume 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last 25 times as long. And because LEDs distribute light more evenly, they lend the perfect poolside ambience.