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Young family playing together in a clean swimming pool

Pool Sanitizers

Sanitizing is an essential part of maintaining your swimming pool. Thankfully, POOL Breeze® has you covered. With our full line of granular and tablet sanitizers, you can quickly and easily rid water of bacteria and algae and get back to enjoying your pool.

POOL Breeze® Optimight® Cal Hypo Chlorine Feeder

Keep your pool water crystal clear for longer with our revolutionary feeder! It’s designed exclusively for POOL Breeze® Optimight® Tablets. With unrivaled precision flow control and a steady supply of Cal Hypo sanitizer for up to 3 weeks, this automatic feeder brings you worry-free pool care without the hassle of chlorine lock.

• Designed for both standard and variable speed pool pumps

• Specifically tailored for POOL Breeze® Optimight® Tablets

• Removable, easy-load cartridge fits 8 octagon-shaped tablets

• Precision flow control valve provides steady chlorination without risk of chlorine lock

• Treats up to 30,000 gallons of water per week*

Disclaimer: *Using Cal Hypo tablets compared to TCCA tablets (U&A 2022 data)

Top System
Pool Breeze Optimight Tablets - pool sanitizer tablets

POOL Breeze® Optimight® Tablets

Optimight® is a slow-dissolving tablet that uses our powerful Cal Hypo formula. Cal Hypo contains no cyanuric acid, providing a boost of chlorine without over-stabilizing your pool.
Compatible with all pool types, including saltwater systems.

Step 1 in the Pool Breeze® Optimight 3-step system.

Available sizes: 4 lbs. / 10 lbs. / 20.6 lbs.

Ask your professional POOL Breeze® dealer about the Optimight® Feeder.

POOL Breeze® Extra Tablets

Extra is an all-in-one tablet that sanitizes, controls algae, clarifies, softens water and prevents stain and scale.

Step 1 in the POOL Breeze® Extra 3-step system.

Available size(s): 4 lbs. / 11 lbs. / 21 lbs.

POOL Breeze® 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

These 3” Chlorinating Tablets are formulated to protect against chlorine loss in direct sunlight and can be used in floaters, feeders or skimmers. Convenient and easy-to-use, each tablet is designed to dissolve slowly and provide a steady source of available chlorine (up to one week).

Available Chlorine: 90%

Available size(s): 24.5 lbs. / 50 lbs.

Product Pool Breeze Granular 68

POOL Breeze® Granular 68

Granular 68 is a highly effective, multi-purpose Cal Hypo product that sanitizes, prevents algae and shock treats your pool. It is convenient, easy-to-use, and won’t over-stabilize your pool.

Available Chlorine: 68%

Available size(s): 25 lbs.

Product Chlorinating Granules 5lbs

POOL Breeze® Chlorinating Granules

These multi-purpose Chlorinating Granules are an effective, fast-dissolving way to kill bacteria and algae. They are compatible with any pool surface.

Available Chlorine: 56%

Available size(s): 5 lbs. / 25 lbs.