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Toddler child wearing swimming suit and playing in clean swimming pool

POOL Breeze® Extra System

The POOL Breeze® Extra System is a weekly routine that chlorinates, clarifies and protects water in 3 easy steps. One system, one solution. It’s that simple.

POOL Breeze® Extra Tablets

Extra is an all-in-one tablet that sanitizes, controls algae, clarifies, softens water and prevents stain and scale.

Step 1 in the POOL Breeze® Extra 3-step system.

Available size(s): 4 lbs. / 11 lbs. / 21 lbs.

Product Pool Breeze Defender 32 oz

POOL Breeze® Defender

Defender algaecide and clarifier treats green, black and yellow algae.

Step 3 in the POOL Breeze® Extra 3-step System.

Available size(s): 1 qt.